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Thai Gold is famous worldwide for its high purity of 96.5 percent (or 23 carat). Thai Gold is measured in "Baht" and is not to be confussed with the same word for Thailand's Currency.

Baht is a unit of weight measurement for Gold in Thailand where 1 Baht is equal to 15.244 grams in raw bullion form or 15.16 grams when it sold as jewellery. Thai Gold is also measured in "Salung" which is a smaller unit when compared with Baht, where 1 salung is a quarter baht (0.25 baht) or 3.81 grams.
A purity of 96.5 percent means in 1 Baht of Gold 96.5 percent of it is pure gold while the rest is made of metals such as silver.
Hence, in 1 Baht Gold there is normally 14.71 grams of pure gold which is a little less than half a troy ounce (0.473 ozt). To calculate the weight or price of gold in different units go to Gold Calculator

Every shop in Thailand follows the gold price set by the Thai Gold Traders Association. Thai Gold price does not fluctuate very often like the world gold market, because it only changes in multiples of 50 baht and Thai Gold shops are required to immediately change their display prices when the price is announced. You can also check the latest thai gold prices here or charts of thai gold price history.
Thai Gold shops mostly have all the prices displayed in the unit of baht and of 23 carat purity. 99% pure gold is also sold in some shops in Thailand. Gold is sold in many forms such as jewellery, bars, biscuits, commemorative coins, chinese coins, etc. The price of each form of gold may differ from the standard price for gold bullion bars because of other charges such as making charge, craftsmanship, purity, etc. Many gold shops also buy gold and their buying price is often 100 baht less than the selling price.

There are plenty of shops in Bangkok which sell gold, the most famous area for buying gold is Yaowarat in China Town which have over 130 gold shops lined up selling all kinds of gold. Always beware of scams on gold, there are plenty of scam artist in which they try to sell you fake gold or impure gold. Make sure to buy gold from reputable and trusted shops only.

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